The Last Rose
A Civil War Remembrance

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Monte Akers and William & Carla Coleman

In March, 1863 a young Confederate soldier, pvt. George Boatright, was casually introduced to a sixteen year old Georgia planter's daughter, Miss Martha (Mattie) Burrows, at a reception for soldiers marching off to the front. Imagine Mattie's surprise when in May she received two letters from pvt. Boatright, one addressed to the school she was attending, and the other to her home, asking permission to correspond.

tragically, this would be their only meeting, yet over the course of the following months his letters reveal in intimate detail a sweet love story set against the dark tapestry of Civil War in . . .

The Last Rose

A Civil War Remembrance

The Script has been assembled from twenty two letters written by pvt. George Boatright from May 1863 until June 1864. The packet was tied with a pink ribbon, and retrieved from a waste basket by Mattie's descendants as they prepared her home for sale in 1985. Several years later the family turned over transcripts of the letters to the Monocacy National Battlefield park for interpretation. The Coleman's were contacted by representatives from the park requesting that the story of Mattie & George be interpreted through a theatrical presentation.

The Music features both period and original songs of the Civil War performed by William Coleman. All songs and selected readings are available on CD or Cassette.

The Presentation features Carla Coleman playing the role of Miss Mattie Burrows recalling her romantic correspondence through a series of flashbacks that transport the audience to war torn America - 1863/1864.

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