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The Last Roses
The Last Roses, Southern Soldier, Virginia Belle, "The Last Letter", When The Roses Bloom Again, Brother Green, Goober Peas, The Angel of Marye's Heights, "Gettysburg", The First Battalion, Immigrant Medley: Grafted Into the Army - Paddy's Lamantation, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Jackson & Janey, Franklin, "The Last Retreat", In The Hills of Shiloh

  Last Roses SB Cover   Songbook $15

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Tunes of Glory SB Tunes of Glory
Songs of the Rebellion
Jubal, Marching Through Georgia,The Water Is Wide,
Riding a Raid, The Battle of Shiloh Hill, Mr. Lincoln's Army, Tenting On the Old Campground, Americantrilogy, Antietam,Abraham's Daughter, The Last Fierce Charge, We areThe Boys of Potomac's Ranks, Roll Call, Tunes of Glory

  Songbook $15

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"Chantilly Remembrance"
Rebel Soldier, Remember Chantilly,John & Me,
Virginia's Bloody Soil, J.E.B., Roll Alabama, Roll,
"The Ministering Angel," The Last Farewell,
Jackson Or A Rabbit, The Ministrel Boy,
The New York Volunteer,Two Brothers, Good Old Rebel,
Grandfather's Song, Chantilly Remembrance
Chantilly Remembrance Songbook   Songbook $15

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