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 William and Carla


Lectures are interactive, focusing on the cultural, social and military aspects of the nineteenth century,emphasizing the roles played by men, women and children from all classes of society.

Each lecture can be customized to fit your curriculum ....

  • Our general civil war lecture is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours in duration.
  • All performances are fully costumed, musical, and include a display of flags, uniforms and reproduction accouterments.
  • Two students from each class are encouraged to participate in our "Civil War Fashion Show."
  • An "Artist in Residence" program may be arranged in combination with a theatrical performance.

Lecture topics include...

  • A brief introduction to 19th century American class structure and the roles of Slaves, Immigrants and Women,
  • Traditional roles in Victorian culture, the Abolitionist movement and the emergence of "Women's Rights".
  • The soldiers' life in camp and in battle.
  • Wounds, diseases and the development of the military hospital system.
  • The importance of music as entertainment, an effective propaganda tool, and to communicate orders.
Bill and Carla ~ Here's what two of Oregon's finest teachers have to say . . . ~

"When you two did your presentations at Fernwood last year, we absolutely loved it! The kids talked about it for weeks" ~ Barbara Schnoor, 8th grade teacher, Fernwood Middle School, Portland

"As you can tell from the students' letters they really enjoyed your presentation. I'd love to make you an 'annual event' . . ." Terry Ahlgren, 5th grade teacher, Park Place Elementary, Oregon City
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